As a character

Zim is an enemy of Hover and Dib and requires sustenance from Nyarlathotep's Xen energy crystal to

R U L E T H E M A L L .

Of course, Zim fails purely because he gets distracted by Zimberly, and his ego takes over as Dib attempts to flop his plan. Usually, this has gone south into a bumping contest, or north into Zim dying instantaneously.

As an enemy

Zim has taken some drastic measures, such as kidnapping Zimberly or not so very much, like the bumping contest. He has always tried to rule over Dib and has sometimes attempted to kill or murder him.

As an Irken Entity

The Almighty Tallest have never liked Zim ever since Operation Impending Doom I, and have sent him off into space to "invade" 8-21B Norm.


the almighty tallest are gay

the end

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