The Imposter walked into the bunker. His roommate was blasting...

What was that? The language sounded middle eastern. Arabic? He didn't know. He had never bothered to learn languages from that part of the world.


Mekhane walked in.

"Hey Nyarth, do the Celestials have some kind of device that ca-"

"I'm not going to help you die."

The black hole was shocked. How did he know?

"You think I wouldn't find out? Listen, trying to kill yourself is not the way out of this. Look, HK clearly isn't into her. You don't have to worry about her leaving you for HK."


It took the eldritch horror a second to remember just how poor this man's comprehension of romantic relationships was.

"Yeah. Listen, what you need to do is to go and apologize."

"Thanks! I-I'll go do that right now."

Mekhane started to rush to the door, but was stopped.

"One last thing," the black goo person said.

"Hand over the pills. I'm not letting you go down the same path that friend of yours went down. I catch you buying drugs or more alcohol than one beer a day, and I'm locking you in a room even you can't get put of."


Mekhane handed Nyarth a bag of pills and a flask.

"Okay. You go and apologize to her now. I've almost got this portal ready."

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