The Twins are the children of Mekhane, and were created after he turned into a supernova which failed to kill Skolas. Their names are Alpha (the one that looks male) and Centauri (the one that looks female). Each one of them has a few of Mekhane's powers and all of his memories (excluding when he was human), but their own personality.

They were responsible for the death of Fake Mekhane via using a reality anchor and a pistol.


Alpha is the more serious of the two, and also considers it his life's mission to kill Fake Mekhane. He spends most of his free time watching movies, with his favorite being "The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly". Alpha inherited Mekhane's pyrokenesis and teleportation. He also has an extreme urge to curb stomp small things.


Centauri is the more laid back of the two, who likes to spend her free time listening to music and looking at weapons. She ended up inheriting Mekhane's incendiary weapon-creation ability. She was the one who made several of The Peace Lords upset.

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