The Wolves

The Wolves are the raiders of The Armada. They move fast and hit hard. Combine this with their base outside of both time and space, and they can attack from anywhere, resulting in devastating ambushes. Their leader is Skolas.

The Hive

The Hive are insect-like humanoids that will try to build an army and transform the part of the planet where they do so until the entire planet is turned into a maze of underground tunnels and temples dedicated to their leader Crota.

The Taken

The Combine

Every evil leader has a group of personal bodyguards/soldiers. Hitler had the SS, Stalin had the KGB, and the leader of The Armada has The Combine.


There are some individuals that were either willing, or made with the intent, to work for The Armada, without fitting into the other categories. These individuals are extremely skilled with combat, infiltration, and other things needed to advance The Armada's goals. Their motto "Attero Dominatus" can be roughly translated to "I destroy kingdoms".



The Irkens have been badly crippled by the Armada and have been taking planets with Irken invaders on them and have been aggressively attacking the Almighty Tallest and the Irken Armada's armaments.

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