Author's note: the following story is incomplete.

You had lost all will.

You were nothing but a shadow of your former self. Once, you were part of the greatest mechanical hive-mind, now you have been taken by Oryx. Now you patrol his planet. Sometimes you are called to other worlds, but this is where you are most of the time, looking for information on other places and people Oryx can take.

Then, you find something in an old metal building.

A skeleton belonging to one of those small green things is on the ground. It clearly had been there for a while. Perhaps the bones could be used in building a ship. You find it strange that it's life support system has been ejected from it. However, then something else catches your eye.

A few sentence appear to have been burnt into the wall.

"they have taken my comrades

but they will not take me"

Beneath it is a small computing device, that seems to have failed to transmit several video files to an off-world command post. You scan the device's drive and are able to find the files, although some of them seem to be corrupted.


The video starts with a shot of an Irken.

"Mechanic Xihil, here. I have started making these logs in hopes that if I can find help, I can convince them that these things are a threat."

The camera pans to show a city in chaos. Several rectangular ships dot the sky, firing balls of energy at buildings.

"Just days ago, planet Vult was attacked by some type alien force. While anti-air and anti-space guns were able to shoot a large number of their ships down, they soon were overwhelmed. It has been 8 rotations since the distress signal was sent out, and yet still there has been no support sent to us, or even a response.

From what I have gathered, these creatures are tall, yet they somehow are extremely savage, with some of them even clawing away at force-fields in an attempt to attack those inside. Some of the larger ones carry dull bladed weapons that managed to brake the fields. But there are things even worse.

I've seen some Irkens start to glow a dark greenish-blue, with their upper halves being darker, and their eyes glowing a white so bright, that it looks like they only have one eye. What's more, these strange Irkens seem to attack the regular ones and they somehow have figured out how to shoot lasers out of their eyes.

I saw a ship try to leave earlier, but it was shot down almost immediately.


I think I hear something."

The video ends.




The video starts with a shot Xihil. He seems to inside the ruins of a supply depot.

"Mechanic Xihil, somehow still alive. I've been hiding out here, as there seems to be enough weapons and snacks to last a while. I found a puddle of a substance that was the same color those strange traitors. It even glowed. I tried to perform a data-scan, but no results showed up, and it ended up just crashing the computer. I did touch some of the substance, and now I hear whispers coming from the shadows. I cannot make out any words, but I have managed somehow figure out what emotion it's displaying. The shadows are hungry.


Xhihil seems to be in some kind of building. He's staring at the camera with glazed eyes.

"I cannot get any rest despite how every time I close my eyes, I hear those blessed names.

Yul, Eir, Oryx, Xol, Eir, Crota, and Yul.

I am glad for their arriv-"

His eyes start to focus again.

"Oh shoot...

Why was I recording?

Whatever. I found a hanger and saw another Irken, but something pulled him out of my sight. I tried to see what it was, but it was a dead end. I also found a pair of radi-goggles right before I ran out. I found my way to a docking station and I've been hiding out here for most of the night. I haven't been able to fall asleep. I get nightmares every time I try to.

The video ends.



The video shows a large winged figure on top of a building. The sound of screeching can be heard in the distance.







"Something is blocking out the sun."

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