As a character

Invader Skoodge is an Invader of the planet Blorch. He is currently exchanging Emails with Zimberly, so they are keeping in touch. Skoodge has no suspicion of the crew or Zimberly dating Dib, an Earth creature. Dib is fine with Zimberly emailing Skoodge, however is suspicious that Zimberly is planning something with Skoodge.

As an Invader

Skoodge's relationship with the Almighty Tallest is very unhealthy. Skoodge hates the leaders, and thinks they're stupid and gay. Skoodge loves that Zimberly agrees with him that they are idiotic.


  • Neither Dib or Zimberly have seen Skoodge in person ever since Zimberly's creation, and so, Skoodge is very suspicious of Zimberly being an impostor of Zim, however Zimberly and Zim are biologically the same person.
  • Skoodge thought Zimberly was still Zim after the first Email.
  • Blorch has now been successfully invaded.
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