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I just stubbed my toe on this article! Help us help you, please un-stub this page by giving it more content. Universe S-256C is known primarily for being the universe containing Saltimore, the home of Hover and Salty Marx. The dominant species is the 'furry', which can vary in their percent of human to animal. For example, Hover is an extremely human one, while others may vary.

There are two main solar systems important to the ALOIRP story. The first one is the one that has 256C's Earth. The second one is the one where 256's inhabitants go when they die. There are 3 planets. The first world, some call it the Celestial Kingdom, is what some people would consider the heaven of 256. Life here is like life on Earth but every problem is removed. The second world, Terrestrial Kingdom, is like Earth but all the huge problems are removed, most problems remain. It features 256's backrooms, which Salty Marx was sent to after a quick judgement. The sky in daytime is covered in thick gray clouds. The last planet, the Telestial Kingdom, is more similar to Venus than Earth. Must I say more? Outer Darkness is also considered another world. Basically you float out in space, punished by horrifying colds, space rocks, and guilt, regret, and jealousy of always seeing the brightness of the first world.


Hover and Salty Marx came into existence during the Certa period.

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