WARNING: This character is NSFW.

As a character

Other Dib is a Dib on the likes of being mainly perverted, however, he doesn't really have sex all the time. Dib is a father of some Irken smeets, (Marque, Cofen, Egnet, and Frederik) and Zimberly and Dib agreed that they would help him take care of it. He may look at porn, but Dib is too fast for anyone to see, so nobody knows yet.

He is dating Dib and is very gay. also using terms that would be considered sexual to refer to his partners.

As a father

As a father to Marque Furious and 3 other Smeets, he is slightly responsible for them. Dib and Zimberly are taking care of them too, however, and the Smeets have grown up with three fathers. Technically, the Smeets are Dib and Zimberly's.

As a Dib

As said before, this Dib is a different, perverted Dib.


Dib has fucked Dib.

Dib has been fucked by Zimberly.

not dead

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