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Marque "Furious" Membrane


Marque is an Irken smeet who's the brother of 3 other smeets, Cofen "Coffee Bean" Membrane, Frederik "Chocolate Milk" Membrane, and Egnet "Egger" Membrane. This is Other Dib's "first" child, assigned first only because Other Dib allegedly thought of his name before "birth".


Marque is the only Smeet without a food-based middle name.

Marque's first words were "Whee! Beeg white!"

Cofen "Coffee Bean" Membrane


Cofen is considered Dib's main child, with Egnet being mainly Zimberly's. He doesn't need to go to school, as of now, because of the fast-growing that his body is doing.


Cofen was the first one to say his first word, it was "Deeb", his father's name.

Cofen is a fast grower.

Egnet "Egger" Membrane


Egnet is mainly Zimberly's child, being paler than all the others. Zimberly has emailed Skoodge some pictures of him, Skoodge replying in "Oh, cool! You made that Smeet?"


Egnet is Zimberly's favorite Membrane smeet.

Egnet's first word was "Cophen!", his brother's name.

Frederik "Chocolate Milk" Membrane


Frederik is mainly Other Dib's child, however, Frederik is loved by everyone. He's cute, yet clueless, but is always known for the one time he swam in the milk cup he was given.

Affiliation with parents

All the Smeets were born as quadruplets, so they each have a similar birth date to one another. Other Dib loves playing with them all and has fun parenting the children.

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