After the worm feast, Fake Mekhane was turned into a sentient planet of the same name. The planet is is covered in vast deserts and mountain ranges, where native creatures called Mekhanites live. Underneath the surface of the planet, are large arteries that connect to the core of the planet.


The weather on Mekhane consists mostly of thunderstorms near the mountains and sandstorms in the deserts. For an unknown reason, people with little regrets for killing someone, problems relating to identity, problems relating to self-harm, or an affinity for knives, seem to have an increased risk of being harmed in ways related to the weather.


The Mekhanites are the only living species on Mekhane, besides the planet's core. They're nomadic, although they don't seem to need food or water. They are extremely hostile towards anything not from Mekhane. It is unknown if they can reproduce, as nothing resembling a child Mekhanite has been observed.


picture of a Mekhanite

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