"God i love cocaine."
Mayu uwu

Mayuri is Mayu's first, and real name. Its not that she has anything to hide, ...Except the fact she's a cocaine and alcohol addictied 22-year-old girl who has features and the look of a 13 year old.

Fangirl and kidnapper of Ness, Friend of Yukina's

Mayu acting 13: Mayu is a sweet girl (who acts sweet 1 second, but when you find out shes 22, stuff can happen.) and is usually caught doing homework, or regular stuff.

Mayus true form: Mayu's true form is annoying, obsessed with cocaine and alcohol, a drama queen, a liar, and gets paid part time for being a talk show host, that talks about anime, memes, mcdonalds, cocaine, and stuff in that sort. usually offensive when someone calls her "Bug" or "Catfish".

The name "bug" is unknown, and "Catfish" because, she acts like a 13 year old, but is actually 22.

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