Malat Coremont Krasmere II is a 17-year old young adult, who keeps to himself and runs a podcast, The Daylight Listen. He usually preoccupies himself by taking walks around the ship and talking with Maria. He has been killed five times and probably will not cease anytime soon.

Malat usually drinks tea, but on special occasions, he drinks soda. He has only tried alcohol once, stating

"It tastes like pee, this is gross!"
It wasn't alcohol, it was urine. So, he has never drank and will never drink any type of alcohol.


Malat used to have connections with Natsumi Nishimura, but, after a recent breakup, is no longer connected to her, and now is in a homosexual relationship with Asriel Dreemurr. He is friends with Maria Collier, frequently talking to her and used to collect space rocks until it caused him a deadly virus. He is currently friends with:



Kris Dreemurr

He also has a "adopted child" named Lance "Kalismere" Krasmere who has been revived from the dead after being stored in a cage as a zombie for about 2 years.


The Daylight Listen, Malat's primary podcast, is a comedy-background type of podcast. It is currently boasting a fanbase of 12 members, and gets Malat a net total of $0.02 per day.

He has currently profited a hearty $2.44, due to a charitable fan donating $2.30.


Malat Cotorint Krasmere, his father, was a monster, and who was responsible for the purple shade of hair. His mother, Sarah Bernhardt Joey, was responsible for his very blue eyes. Sarah eventually abandoned the family, and his father could not sustain Malat II on his own.

So, he was left alone.

A family, the Dreemurr family had run into Malat, and Malat had run into them.

They decided to take care of Malat, and was the introduction to his brother, Torgore Dreemurr.

In a quote, he said

"They say, 'Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind'. Well, whoever said that was lying. My mom was a nice woman, but she had a reason. I'm just glad she tried. My dad couldn't even sustain me, so he tried! In the end, I was left alone."


You say I'm not trying? I say you're pushing past my limits!
Liars get hurt, but it seems I'm blind to the truth.
"Suck my dick" they said, "We'll shut your shit if you don't", they said. You know what I did? ...Well, I walked away.
I'm not joking if it doesn't hurt.
Find x. I need a reason y.
If I could, I'd do what Bill Wurtz says and smoke marijuana in California.
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