Lance is a kid who lives alongside Malat and Asriel. He's had traumatic experiences in the past due to The Plague, and as a result of them, has a split personality. His alters are known as Alan and Zhatka.

Physical description

Lance is zombie, created by The Plague to do experiments on without the need for new bodies. If he goes more than a month without some kind of healing effect, his body will start to show signs of composure.



Lance is the oldest personality. After being killed, resurrected, and experimented on by The Plague, he ended up in the care of Malat. He is often pretty shy, and isn't very talkative, but when he does talk, it often carries a melancholy tone. He can typically be found either in his room, listening to music on a Walkman, or staring off into space.

He gets scared by crows, surgeons, and knives.


Alan is the most recent personality to fully emerge, with his being much slower than Zhatka's. He was created as a result of the trauma Lance went through. Alan is much more daring than Lance, and often communicates to him by writing in his journal.

He is able to cast spells based around defense.


Zhatka is the middle personality, and was created not by sheer trauma, but instead mostly by The Plague's experiments. He works for The Plague, as a sort of "second in command." He has so far kept his existence hidden from Alan and Lance.

Jason had a machete, Chara had a knife, and Zhatka has a shovel.
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