The hoverer is a species. Tsuki is a notable example of a hoverer. Hoverers are primarily found in the Ambience Town Project Universe (post-Restart), although some can be found in Saltimore. Hoverers will have certain quirks based on their origin.


Ambient Hoverers

(The Waterfall hoverer typically also falls in this category.) Hoverers from Ambience Town are likely the most human, being capable of feeling complex human emotions, maintaining the most long-term memory, and other complex emotional and social interactions with themself and others. Some are even capable of spiritual thoughts. Their magic is a lot more controlled than other hoverers, which is used mainly for simple tasks, despite what it's capable of. Ambient Hoverers can be conflicted when asked about their far past, because their personality and thoughts are based on groups of people from the previous civilization. Their ability to have memory means knowing a lot about a complex process without knowing why is extremely irritating.

White Space Hoverers

Hoverers from the White Space are the generic hoverers, and the most populous. They are not that smart, but can learn, although will not have the memory of from when they learned something, but since this happens so frequently, it is normal to them to know something but not understand why they know it. They can feel emotion, but it's simplified quite a bit. Hoverers are capable of friendship but not strong bonds. The smartest ones are at about the level of a 13-year old. It is possible for their actions and memories to have continuity, but it's hard to predict when and how this will happen. They are typically energetic and focused on entertainment, unless their personality supersedes those characteristics. They can use typical hoverer magic, but it's not very focused and can fire off at random. It's similar to how we might perceive typical magic, with explosions and glowing floating things. The color of their magic is the same as their eye color, which is never lime green, except on rare occasions involving the power used to create the White Space (see Tsuki Mizkef).

Saltine Hoverers and Salthoverers


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