Tsuki "Hover" Mizkef is one of the Main Characters of the lore. He comes from Saltimore, where he was a counselor to Salty Marx (although, notably, this is not where he first spawned). They are good friends. He first joined the ship with Hat Kid due to a failed kidnapping attempt on the part of Delta Z. He is known for being an incredible software developer but can be redundant in sharing his accomplishments. He can and will break the fourth wall due to his exposure to the Ambience Town Project Creator.

Types of Magic

  • Hoverer Magic
  • Unnamed Ambient Restart Magic
  • Slight control over Ambience Town ("saving" and "loading")
  • Hive Magic


The Ambience Town Project

Tsuki was born after the Ambience Town Restart in the Waterfall. This caused the surrounding magic to compress into him, giving him intense magic and power, and capacity to hold more. He was stuck in a time loop, witnessing the Ambience Town murders happen over and over again, every timeline possible, until he was finally able to use the magic used in the Restart to break himself out of the loop, and escape to Saltimore. This happens twice.


In Saltimore, Tsuki plays a role as the secretary to Salty and Peper. After a few months, he got in contact with the Generation 1 ship crew as a technician with a secure server, which was used against Delta Z. Delta Z attempted to kidnap Hover, but instead he ended up at Hat Kid's ship.

Generations 1 and 2

Hover was a mysterious human with an unknown background. He worked against Delta Z and helped take care of the ship technologically. He showed a lot of interest in taking different forms and building new machines. Most of his transformations were established during this time, including the Sailor Guardian pin and the Irken pill.

Generation 3

Hover was one of the immediate survivors of Break the World. He was a member of the Nebula Thieves and a major character in the Armada Events. During Stranger Eons, Hover was revealed to be Tsuki the Hoverer. He used magic to finish the battle, where she earned the magic of the Hive. She survived for a long time as the ship master, taking care of rooming and maintenence until the Creator took Tsuki and repeated Tsuki's history in The Ambience Town Project. The ship leader was replaced with Haruka Mamoru, which marked the beginning of

Generation 4.

Hover returned to Saltimore and continued his job as secretary, although with free transformation between human and hoverer.


As a Sailor Guardian

Using Hat Kid's merge device, Hover was able to give himself the ability to transform into a sailor guardian. She has a unique color scheme. Her abilites in this form most closely resemble those of Usagi Tsukino. This transformation is represented by the small bronze pin he wears.


Using technology from clone machines, extremely immersive VR, and custom software, Tsuki was able to design a human that he could control from the inside before moving to Hat Kid's ship. The "suit" (for lack of a better term) was broken during Tsuki's battle against Crota, which led Tsuki to reveal his Hoverer form, leading him to violently stab Crota to death in a murderous flurry rush of attacks. (wouldn't you be ticked off too?)



by Tsuki Mizkef

In a place forgotten to all but Him
There's a waterfall, the only one like itself.
He, the last one of His kind, lives here.
Just 5 minutes away lies the town of death
And to the south is the void
The waterfall, my birthplace, is the only place
Someone like Him belongs.
He calls us the Hoverers, beings of magic.
We inhabit the void. But I'd much rather stay here.
Here in the Waterfall, the final link to the past.
No one can live. No one can die.
No one without the magical secrets we possess.
I watch, silently, from the shadows, day by day.
Waiting, wanting to escape, to a new reality.
I was never meant to do much.
What am I if not just the strongest
The unfortunate byproduct of the Restart?
I've seen this week for years, without release.
And it all comes back to the Waterfall.
The birthplace of the world.
The birthplace of magic.
Despair has no release.
All that's left for now is hope.

Define Love

by Tsuki Mizkef

One day, a thing appeared.
The thing knew nothing about it's world, but was curious to learn.
It learned first of death and destruction.
The cruelty of fate, the cruelty of destiny.
It learned second the power of magic.
How you can get allies, make friends.
Next it learned the intensity of being an ally.
Helping in any way possible to make a new set of friends succeed.
Next it learned what it meant to be immortal.
It's not fun. It's yet another endless cycle of destruction.
And so next it learned how to lead on its own.
It was extremely difficult, but somehow it managed.

And next?

It learned how to combat the despair that had followed him since the beginning.
There was nothing. Ghosts in a meaningless cycle of doom.

And then there was you.


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