Yeah, this is another story. I feel like these would be good for promoting upcoming events\showing important plot points that happen between characters run by the same person.



It had been weeks since his last clue. The Novakid was told that His Imposter had defected from that group he worked for. Now this impostor was living with his dad's friends, had taken his dad's stuff, and was being accepted as a replacement. The Novakid was sick of this. He landed his ship. The Hive had taken over this planet a few months ago, and it was probably his best shot. He walked past the knights and thralls that seemed to stare at him as he passed, suspicious as why he was there. It didn't bother him though. The second any of them lunged at him, he could roast everything in a 10 mile radius alive. Well, as alive as you can call The Hive. He headed into a temple and walked down into one of the chambers. There, a tall figure, clothed in tattered robes began to float down to him.

"Skolas chose well."

The Nova kid replied. "Wait, he was the one who recommended me to you?"

"Yes, the man who killed Earth's starchild is still alive. Your father's death was in vain."

"Okay, neat. But do I get the job?"

"Yes, you are now one of our agents. Your quest to kill this false sun will bring you to Earth. Remember that your partner will look like an old friend."

The Novakid got up to leave, but then the wizard said something to him.

"It's a pleasure doing business with you...


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