Fake Mekhane was an impostor that took the place of Mekhane after he was killed by Skolas. He is an Armada Agent, created with the intent of destroying The Hatsters from within. He was later killed by The Twins.

His preferred method of transportation is by helicopter, and his preferred weapons are the Five-Seven, the RPG-7, and the SVT-40, and he will always have at least one of those nearby. He often carries several EMP devices with him as well.

He has the power to manipulate gravity and has gained access to Mekhane's drone swarm. He was also granted the power to control rats and increased durability by Crota, and as a result, he seems to like The Hive the most out of all of the parts of The Armada.


  • He was supposed to be a reference to "Fake Frank", an antagonist from the web series "Filthy Frank."
    • This having his sexuality originally listed as "mean and gay".
  • He has narcolepsy
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