As a leader

The Almighty Tallest are two tall entities of interest to the Irkens, and are very important to assigning... and that's it. The Tallest wear a Robot IIAPS to make them appear tall, however, this may not be the case. Most Irkens know that the Tallest aren't really that tall without their beloved robot suit.

As a character

The two Tallest both have PAKs on their back, and are mechanically equipped to help them adjust to their robot bodies. The two are both ignorant and crabby, and Zimberly refers to them as

 too lazy to actually get work done.

This is true, as they hate to do so much as to ever steer their ship, the Irken Armada, even though it's never them that steer it. They had an Irken to get doughnuts and serve them, Invader Jim, however, he has been called out to sounding too close to Zim, and has been fired by the Tallest.

As a victim

The Tallest have fallen victim to:


The Almighty Tallest are gay. wahoo

the end

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